ATG/Asiantime International Construction Shenzhen Marriott Hotel
Shenzhen Marriott Hotel is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Construction and Real Estate Projects Design Award Category.
Shenzhen Marriott Hotel

There were many difficulties for construction, including the use of diversified materials, the complex construction techniques and numerous material joining. Ensuring that materials are joined naturally and avoiding quality problems such as cracking were also great challenges. Through applying EPC model, ATG successfully completed the project in a way that realized the design drawings and demonstrated the seamless integration between design and construction.

Shenzhen Marriott Hotel
ATG/Asiantime International Construction Shenzhen Marriott
ATG/Asiantime International Construction Hotel
ATG/Asiantime International Construction design
ATG/Asiantime International Construction design
Shenzhen Asiantime International Construction Co., Ltd.(atg)

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