Wooseok Kim Competition Artwork
Competition Artwork is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Fine Arts and Art Installation Design Award Category.
Competition Artwork

In their works, animals are deliberately imposed a burden. They are strange in shape and lovely in action, carrying a burden while still striding forward. In order to better render the color of the work, they used Chinese porcelain clay as clay material, and Lacu was used as a means of calcination. At the same time, the hand-kneaded work and Raku have visualized beauty and brought enjoyment to people.

Competition Artwork
Wooseok Kim Competition
Wooseok Kim Artwork
Wooseok Kim design
Wooseok Kim design
Wooseok Kim

I am a Korean, ceramic designer, associate professor of Fuzhou University, china. Study in China for many years, focusing on the study of Chinese traditional ceramic culture, and is committed to the creation of Chinese and Korean cultural characteristics of ceramic works. My works in China and South Korea have won awards and collections. My goal is to promote cultural exchanges between China and South Korea and explore more possibilities for Eastern culture

Fuzhou University, China

Fuzhou university, crawford for short, is the national "211 project" key construction of colleges and universities, the ministry of education's first education "outstanding engineers training plan", one of the country's 61 pilot universities to be included in the national "2011 project", "one thousand plan", "national professional graduate programs' constructing high level university.