Benson Wu Residence of Hung Residential House
Residence of Hung Residential House is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Residence of Hung Residential House

The residence is the internal looks of the urban space. The highly-dense urban development of Taiwan has sparked the diverse imagination for a residence. In this case, the design is focused on how to upgrade the living space efficiency. By building the broad public field, beautiful open kitchen, user friendly flow arrangement, and high functions, and at the same time keep the privacy of staying alone. The overall design adopts the open layout.

Residence of Hung Residential House
Benson Wu Residence of Hung
Benson Wu Residential House
Benson Wu design
Benson Wu design
Chi Design

During the ten years since CHI DESIGN was established, we have followed the original intention of our brand, “Interior design is not only to plan the space but also to think for every family member living in it.” Our design insists on starting from the dwellers’ needs. By listening to their needs and likes carefully, we observe their taste and thinking. Through the connection between point, line, and plane in the decoration and design, we are devoted to exploring the space texture, pay equal attention to the comfort and visual innovation, and create the unique space atmosphere as well as the most correspondent living field exclusively for the dwellers to satisfy every owner’s imagination and belonging to a home and build a dream house especially for them.