Jimmy Chew One Fine Day Brand Identity
One Fine Day Brand Identity is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
One Fine Day Brand Identity

The One Fine Day Emotive Wear brand has been invigorated from the ground up with a unique trademark that relates to the brand name. Every visual communication touchpoint designed for the One Fine Day brand, from logo, icons, colors, posters, embroidery, website to packaging is purely intended to permeate positive feelings; spreading positivity & enhance the good feelings of the consumer. The eventual result is a youthfully unique apparel brand identity that balances modern simplicity with subtle detailing, quality craftsmanship, a fresh hue, playful graphics & embroideries

One Fine Day Brand Identity
Jimmy Chew One Fine Day
Jimmy Chew Brand Identity
Jimmy Chew design
Jimmy Chew design
Jimmy Chew

With more than 22 years of experience in the design industry with experience in UX / UI design, branding, visual communications & packaging design, the combination of multi-disciplinary backgrounds has equipped Jimmy with unique sets of skills ideally positioned to meet the needs of all clientele. Specialising in UI/UX Design (Weapons System, Communications & Dashboard Design) & Branding, proudest moment for Jimmy has been to use his UX/UI designs, creative thinking & skillsets to collaborate with Republic of Singapore Navy, Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Civil Defence Force & Singapore's Satellite System to aid & benefit his country. His overseas collaborations also include UI/UX support for startups in United States collaborating with United States of Veteran Affairs.

One Fine Day Emotive Wear

One Fine Day Emotive Wear designs & crafts emotive wear for the playful imaginative where stories and emotions are translated into apparel designs of hope, youth & playful imaginations. An embodiment of naivety fun, love & youth, the name evokes a myriad of feelings & story tells the start of a wonderful journey, an adventure awaiting to unfold, a love story to be told...A time and space where everything is simple, carefree and peaceful.