Jianhe Wu Seamless Blank Interior House
Seamless Blank Interior House is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Seamless Blank Interior House

This is a house to present the unique lifestyle of hostess, which is a graphic designer's and a entrepreneur's home. The designer presents natural materials to illustrate the hostess’s preferences and preserve blank areas to fill the family member’s stuffs. The kitchen is the center of house, special designed a surround view for hostess and make sure parents can see anywhere. The house equipped with white granite seamless flooring ,Italian mineral painting, transparent glass, and white powder coating to reveal the elegant details of materials.

Seamless Blank Interior House
Jianhe Wu Seamless Blank
Jianhe Wu Interior House
Jianhe Wu design
Jianhe Wu design
Jianhe Wu

TienyuWU is an architect and interior Designer in Taiwan. He experienced and researched the methods of BIM in Interactive lab by Taysheng jeng in National Cheng Kung University. Also, he created TYarchistudio and worked on various projects striving to turn on the switch of design possibilities and open the boundaries of creativity in Architecture. He tends to design anything with natural materials, and really caring the details of projects.


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