Di Lu Beautiful Pencil Sharpener
Beautiful Pencil Sharpener is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Art and Stationery Supplies Design Award Category.
Beautiful Pencil Sharpener

Designer gets inspiration from the crumbs, and makes a special design for the outlet of the crumbs. In the process of producing the crumbs, with the rotation of the pencil, a beautiful and unique flower is gradually generated. The ring curly petals are the pencil crumbs that People discarded at ordinary times. The colorful colors are radiated from the heart of flower to the outside, so that people can feel the gradual beauty and delicate romance unconsciously.

Beautiful Pencil Sharpener
Di Lu Beautiful
Di Lu Pencil Sharpener
Di Lu design
Di Lu design
Southwest University of Science and Technology

Southwest University of Science and Technology is located in Mianyang the only Science and Technology City in China,which is surrounded by green mountains and with beautiful Fujiang River running through.Mianyang boasts a magical land that had produced numerous talents and is the hometown of Dayu and Libai.The site where the campus stands now used to be occupied by the Mianyang branch of Tsinghua University.SWUSTdates back to 1939 during theAnti-Japanese War when Sichuan Jiang Jin Ceramics Vocational and Technical School and Sichuan Provincial Advanced Agricultural Vocational Schoool were founded.