Sunghoon Kim Yoondesign Identity Brand Design
Yoondesign Identity Brand Design is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Yoondesign Identity Brand Design

Yoondesign Identity concept is starting from a triangle. The apex of the triangle represents the relationship between font design, content design and brand design. Extends from a triangle to a polygon. A polygon is eventually made of a circle. Express flexibility through change. Based on black and white, various colors are used. Set the color and graphic motif freely to suit the situation.

Yoondesign Identity Brand Design
Sunghoon Kim Yoondesign Identity
Sunghoon Kim Brand Design
Sunghoon Kim design
Sunghoon Kim design
Sunghoon Kim

Kim sunghoon is a graphic designer based in seoul, south korea. Starting with graphic design based on typography, he is a graphic designer who is interested in using various visual languages such as image and digital as a means of communication and is working on a number of projects. He is working on a variety of projects with different personalities, creating each communication tool that fits the project as a result of the design. By doing so, the company is expanding its scope to graphic design, such as public design, space design, signage design, exhibition design, information design, brand design, digital design.


Hangeul (Korean) design is a sort of industry as well as a cultural content that containing aesthetics and technology of the times. Yoondesign has been leading the way in new experiments and challenges with a willingness to study the development of ever-changing font environment and technology. Based on their long experience and research, they explore and create the relationship between font design, brand, and content. Yoondesign is reborn as a professional group who create new design spectrum.