Studio Kahn Herzl Design-Art Ceramic Objects
Herzl Design-Art Ceramic Objects is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Fine Arts and Art Installation Design Award Category.
Herzl Design-Art Ceramic Objects

Herzl is an open-ended collection of ceramic products which includes boxes, vases, candelabras and bowls. Herzl project started in a shopping journey of cheap, 'made in china' toys in Herzl St, in south Tel Aviv. Out of mass piles of toys, Studio Kahn picked their stars that will take part in their Herzl game. Studio Kahn prepared the plaster forms for all of their toys, and started to give them their new life as high, glorious, bone china items. The products are created in an endless game in which toy parts are put together, and are chosen to enter the collection according to criteria of form and usage.

Herzl Design-Art Ceramic Objects
Studio Kahn Herzl
Studio Kahn Design-Art Ceramic Objects
Studio Kahn design
Studio Kahn design
Studio Kahn

Mey and Boaz Kahn graduated the Product Design Department at Bezalel Academy. They live and create in Israel. In 2009 they established StudioKahn. The studio designs, develops and manufactures products that lay on the borderline between industrial products and conceptual objects. StudioKahn's products have been recognized, publicized and exhibited worldwide and won several design awards. StudioKahn's main material is casted ceramic. Their works are characterized by clean forms, containing cultural and social statements.