Ashna S M Vetport Logo
Vetport Logo is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Vetport Logo

The ā€™Vā€™ of VETport was taken as the main character as symmetrical design is always good in digital media.This is developed further by adding three more elements and still keeping it simple.The silhouettes of a dog & a cat representing Veterinary, looking up the cloud shows the significance and concern for a cloud based app for their well being.Navy blue for professionalism and red for strength and attention was used for design.

Vetport Logo
Ashna S M Vetport
Ashna S M Logo
Ashna S M design
Ashna S M design
Ashna S M

I am an architect and a designer. My Designs are evolved and tailor fit to the Client's aspirations. Designs acknowledge the sensitivity that the final Design product is the culmination and realisation of Client's dream, quite often a life-time one.

Ashna S M

VETport was founded in 2004. It was started to make technology accessible for small-scale veterinary practices. Every day, VETport's cloud-based application is used by over 12,500 Veterinarians across 20+ Countries to serve over 16+ million pets. VETport has revolutionized the veterinary practice management software industry with the launch of the newest update of the software, the Next Gen version.VETport aims to serve those veterinarians who have dedicated their lives to the service of animals.