Huang shi Chu Exclamation Mark Residential House
Exclamation Mark Residential House is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Exclamation Mark Residential House

For the limited living space of the project, how to create the broad atmosphere and smooth line and cater to the practical need in life, which has become the core spirit of the design. In order to meet the owner’s need for creative and unique home design, space is divided and re-organized, and vertically upward method and transform the area into the volume. The rise-and-fall stair extension is applied and the diagonal line is introduced to connect each of the life fields. The inflated lighting at the staircase is functional for both atmosphere and safety in moving at night.

Exclamation Mark Residential House
Huang shi Chu Exclamation Mark
Huang shi Chu Residential House
Huang shi Chu design
Huang shi Chu design
Huang shi Chu

Mr. Chu is the founder of Shizhu Design Co., Ltd. In every of his projects, they deliver introverted intellectual atmosphere by diversified hierarchical design methods, pursues innovative thinking and changing styles, deeply understands the needs and budget of house owners, s, and give complete suggestions for different spaces to create an aesthetic feeling and functional residential space and give humanistic breath to the residential space, and has the courage to accept any challenge of space design.

Shizhu Design

Shizhu Design makes extensions of the intellectual atmosphere with both inner and outer beauty with the multi-layered design technique. By pursuing the innovative thinking and variable styles, Shizhu Design provides the complete suggestions according to different owner’s need and budge to build the residence space with both beauty and function and endow it with the humanistic style.