Köllen Design - Paula Terra Bosch Eget Desk
Eget Desk is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Furniture Design Award Category.
Eget Desk

Eget is an innovative work desk adapted to new working habits and to the use of new technologies. It also provides a solution for modern workspaces. Made with a Nordic inspired aesthetic, the table's lighting creates a new ambience, with a lamp that presents a movement and intensity sensor. The design has an acoustic sound panel and several smart features. Mobile components transform the space and adapt it to the user's requirements. It combines an oak wood tabletop that includes an open drawer, which provides plenty of space while also maintaining a minimalist look.

Eget Desk
Köllen Design - Paula Terra Bosch Eget
Köllen Design - Paula Terra Bosch Desk
Köllen Design - Paula Terra Bosch design
Köllen Design - Paula Terra Bosch design
Köllen Design - Paula Terra Bosch

Scandinavian furniture & Deco Design. A new way of interacting furniture. Köllen Design is a product design company from Barcelona that stands up functional and dynamic designs looking for simple and practical solutions. Creative, unique and handmade designs. Great attention to detail, with high quality materials

Kollen Design

The team behind Kollen Design is formed by Oriol Campillo Mestres, Nuria Jane Ballarin, Adrian Soldado Cid and Paula Terra Bosch, four young entrepreneurs and industrial product and graphic designers from Barcelona.Köllem team design furniture pieces based on dynamism and the interaction with the users, added to a method of design based on simplicity and functionality, along with dynamism and care in the finishing touches.