Lei Fang One Casa Exhibition Hall
One Casa Exhibition Hall is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
One Casa Exhibition Hall

In the One Casa Exhibition Hall, the design team completed the exploration of and exchange with space and products by breaking the original square space layout. Under the design concept of people first and dynamic experience, all functional spaces are distributed there in a flowing way, shaping a rich situation as well as an organic, interactive and complete experience of living at home.

One Casa Exhibition Hall
Lei Fang One Casa
Lei Fang Exhibition Hall
Lei Fang design
Lei Fang design
Lei Fang

Lei Fang, well-known interior designer, founder of One House Design. In recent years, he has won many awards for interior design at home and abroad. He is good at using modern concise aesthetic spirit to develop multi-dimensional description of space, and expresses rich and pure design essence by means of restraint and balance, representation and internal contradiction and unity. He believes that the designer's thinking is a combination of perception and rationality, and the design work is actually a manifestation of inconsistency. He likes to use design vocabulary to deconstruct the spatial connotation, and persists in deducing the design to the extreme, creating wonderful design works repeatedly.

One House Design

OneHouse Design, founded in 2009, is a comprehensive professional design company integrating interior design, environmental design, soft-fitting design, mainly engaged in commercial space, office space, high-end building model rooms, high-end villas, boutique hotels and other design projects. Through the training and accumulation of diversified design experience, the company has a senior service team, and its projects have won a number of design awards at home and abroad. The company has strict requirements for design quality. With the efforts of professional team, we can provide customers with the highest level of personalized customization services from space, materials, furniture, soft clothing and all links.