Peilun Li Qing Residential House
Qing Residential House is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Landscape Planning and Garden Design Award Category.
Qing Residential House

The design challenge of this project is to balance the visual penetration and keep the sense of security at the same time. How to reserve four old Comphor trees in this site is also the issue. The designer tries to hierarchy the boundaries as the design strategy. The 5 concrete walls overlap each other and placed unparalleled by the big trees. They create transitional spaces for wandering and planting between the public field. For people both inside and outside, the walls become the canvas of shadows and light.

Qing  Residential House
Peilun Li Qing
Peilun Li Residential House
Peilun Li design
Peilun Li design
Peilun Li

I traveled round the world for one year in 2008-2009. Besides being a designer, I used to be an editor, a farmer, and a street magazine circulation director at the same time. I am interested in Argentina Tango, Taichi and Traditional Chinese medicine. To keep curious about unknown and to keep learning is my life Philosophy.

Peilun Li

Da-In is a design studio from Taiwan. “Da", means 'grande', 'immense' , "In” stands for 'leading’, ‘catalyst’, ‘medium’ in Chinese. The core of its design philosophy is to pursue ultimate creative expressions amongst people, objects, time, and space, but always transcend beyond self.