Sun Chuanjin Imola Beijing Showroom
Imola Beijing Showroom is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Imola Beijing Showroom

Basing on the brand culture, the designer uses the contrasting colors yellow, black and white to create the existence of the space. After studying the relationship between the sales process and the circulation in the space, the designer makes the container window on the first floor showing Imola's life aesthetics. In the middle of the space, the bold white stairs decorated with the lighting on the bottom outlining the structure by which people walk to the negotiation area upstairs. The blank-leaving in Chinese painting and the customized font in the space show the simple and exquisite life style.

Imola Beijing Showroom
Sun Chuanjin Imola Beijing
Sun Chuanjin Showroom
Sun Chuanjin design
Sun Chuanjin design
Sun Chuanjin

Have access to the interior design in 2000, started by selling into interior design work and studies, in design began in 2003, at 16 years participated in the Beijing, China, one of the tallest building in Asia China's statue of interior design, parts of the city star hotel, commercial real estate, the museum of commercial projects, using design to drive sales, design and improve the level of city life and aesthetic.

Imola ceramics China flagship store

Imola ceramics was founded in 22nd June 1874, Imola, Italy. After more than a hundred years, Imola has created the world-renowned brand of "Imola Ceramic" with its dedication to work, pursuit of beauty, and continuous innovation. Its sales are spread all over the world.