Jef Montes Tormenta Womenswear Collection
Tormenta Womenswear Collection is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Category.
Tormenta Womenswear Collection

Tormenta is inspired by maritime materials, and the personal connection with sailing. The collection started with the pattern of a sail. This pattern was used for the weaving blueprints. All materials were developed in collaboration with TextileLab Tilburg. The goal was to create shape into the materials with recycled fishnet nylon. Afterwards the materials were converted into wearable designs and high fashion. The remaining materials were used to create material installations. The Tormenta 3d printed shoes were designed and produced in collaboration with Chris van den Elzen and Shapeways.

Tormenta Womenswear Collection
Jef Montes Tormenta
Jef Montes Womenswear Collection
Jef Montes design
Jef Montes design
Jef Montes

Adaptive skins is a textile architecture studio based in Arnhem with a strong focus on responsive materials. All designed and tested materials are converted into wearable designs, high fashion and material installations. Illusion, shape and transformation play an important factor in the design process. The materials are non seasonal and keep on expanding. In 2012 Montes graduated with honors degree from ArtEZ institute of the arts Arnhem. After graduating Montes founded his label to focus on developing his signature. With the support of Philips Lighting he started creating experimental materials from his own studio in Arnhem. Illuminosa was created in 2013 and presented as the national debut collection at Amsterdam Fashion Week January 2014. Velero was designed and developed in collaboration with TextileLab Tilburg. This project was based on his passion and personal connection with the maritime industry. The collection was created in 2014 and presented in Amsterdam February 2015. In 2016 Montes presented the Resolver experiment and the Tormenta preview. The concept of Tormenta reflects a ”Storm around the body” and consists of 6 nylon material categories that were recycled from fishing nets. Tormenta was presented as the international debut collection during Paris Fashion Week & FIAC October 2017. In 2018 collection Tormenta was updated and presented at the Hyères International Festival in France.