Sheng YuHong The LandMark Luxury Mansion
The LandMark Luxury Mansion is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
The LandMark Luxury Mansion

The Landmark, with a total of 99 units, is the tallest residential building in Guangzhou. It is composed of three individual towers with an overall height of 198 meters. The Landmark is echoing with the Guangzhou West Tower, TV tower and other landmarks. With its own unique personality and advanced design means, The Landmark also breaks the conventional residential building of square box within Zhujiang New Town, which not only brings a new vitality, but also shapes a new landmark in Guangzhou.

The LandMark Luxury Mansion
Sheng YuHong The LandMark
Sheng YuHong Luxury Mansion
Sheng YuHong design
Sheng YuHong design
Sheng YuHong

Eric Shing Chairman / Chief Architect, Shing&Partner’s International Design Group President of Yangcheng Design Alliance Mr. Eric Shing, a well-known architect, member of China Architecture Society, executive director of Guangdong Certified Architect Association, member of Hong Kong Institute of Architecture, has numerous works and awards. At the same time, he is a visiting professor of Tsinghua University, Peking University, Sun-Yet Sun University and many other key universities, who has made great efforts to promote the improvement of real estate design.

Shing & Partners

Introduction of the company Shing & Partners International Design Group (SPDG), a large international design company with 300 staffs, was found in Hong Kong from 1993. Taking "innovation" and "intention" as responsibilities, Mr. Eric Shing and the experienced international experts with passions and creativity explore the relations between human and environment by the language of architecture, and approach excellent designs as well as perfect solutions beyond expectations for clients. The projects of SPDG spread over 60 cities in China and overseas, rewarding the admiration of the markets and honors of many design prizes. SPDG advocates the concept of “1+3 design”, which refers to conceptual scheme of international standard, strong abilities of project implementation in the nation, and integrated services combining interior design and landscape design. Except for the outstanding design team, domestic corporations of SPDG have gained the double-grade A certificates in the Chinese architectural industry, relatively the Grade A Architectural Engineering Certificate and the Grade A Architectural Design Certificate. SPDG has already been one of the most reputable design companies in contemporary China.