Cristina Dan Omdanne Convertible Biodegradable Clothing
Omdanne Convertible Biodegradable Clothing is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design Award Category.
Omdanne Convertible Biodegradable Clothing

SOLVE design studio presents its capsule collection Omdanne which includes three pieces of clothing that can transform into over 10 styles each, from jumpsuits and dresses, to trousers and jackets. Moreover, all three pieces are 100% biodegradable if buried in the soil. Looking to discourage excessive consumption, the collection makes use of natural, renewable resources, product life-cycle tractability and powerful magnets to create a sustainable design of multi-functional and biodegradable clothing.

Omdanne  Convertible Biodegradable Clothing
Cristina Dan Omdanne
Cristina Dan Convertible Biodegradable Clothing
Cristina Dan design
Cristina Dan design
Cristina Dan

SOLVE is a multidisciplinary social innovation studio in design and sustainability, whose expertise lies in co-creating solutions for the circular economy through design, within the fashion & lifestyle industry. The studio’s design work is strongly connected to the academic research that Cristina Dan, the founder of SOLVE, conducts in circular fashion design. The studio works with design thinking, new technology and circular economy, offering design and consultancy services to organizations. ​ ​We work with design thinking, new technology, circular economy and biomimicry to co-design sustainable social innovations. ​


Solve is a Romanian-Danish design studio of innovation in sustainable fashion. We create products that we wish existed, explore new territories and dedicate our work to imagination with a human-centered approach, as we believe that design has an added value to the world, apart from aesthetics. We work with design thinking, a user-centered approach, circular economy and biomimicry to develop sustainable innovations. Apart from our annual collections we offer consultancy and engage in collaborations with companies and designers that share our vision of bringing to life responsible innovations within the industry. In consultancy we work closely with clients towards creating a more intuitive connection between products, end-users and the ecosystem.