Michihiro Matsuo Villair Residential Villa
Villair Residential Villa is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Villair Residential Villa

A flat terrace, a pool, a deep eave that emphasizes the levelness of the room effectively removes the landscape, enabling you to enjoy a more beautiful and unique panoramic view. This brings a feeling of floating in the architecture, and from the bottom it features a wonderful appearance in harmony with the mountain scenery. In addition, the pool arranged in parallel with the room shows a different expression on both day and night, and it is a rich design that produces sophisticated dramatic space.

Villair Residential Villa
Michihiro Matsuo Villair
Michihiro Matsuo Residential Villa
Michihiro Matsuo design
Michihiro Matsuo design
Michihiro Matsuo

Matsuo michihiro mainly designs villas and houses. and seems to embody the new value created by the relationship between housing and society and design. Pursue design quality while securing earthquake resistance and functionality. In order to realize a low carbon society in Japan, which is a country with many earthquakes, we have selected a wooden axis for the structure, and we are challenging the possibility of making wood of houses and large buildings with earthquake resistant performance secured.

METAPH Architecture & Design Studio

This design office specializes in designing villas, houses, buildings, etc. mainly in Japan. Recently it seems that he is also designing overseas owner's villa. While exploring a new contemporary design, he is contributing to the local community.