Kuang Ming(Ray), Chou Song Art Museum
Song Art Museum is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Song Art Museum

Song Art Museum transforms everything into geometry and purity from the outside to inner. "Govern without intervention", said Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu. With its pure existence, any kind of contemporary art is welcome to fit in without doubt. The courtyard surrounded by the pine trees also provides extra vitality to Song Art Museum. It loads various art crafts from inside, but remains as an art container at the same time. The oriental sense also becomes the natural rhythm of mutual attraction between traditional and modern architecture.

 Song Art Museum
Kuang Ming(Ray), Chou  Song
Kuang Ming(Ray), Chou Art Museum
Kuang Ming(Ray), Chou design
Kuang Ming(Ray), Chou design
Kuang Ming(Ray), Chou

After receiving the M.A degree at University Politécnica de Catalunya, Kuang Ming (Ray) Chou and Vera Chu co-founded Vermilion Zhou Design Group in Shanghai since 2002. While studying in Spain, Ray was deeply influenced by European culture. However, his design is informed by a blend of Western logical thinking and the pursuit of the Eastern lifestyle. "Always starts with people, and provide them a better lifestyle", which is main concept of Ray's design.

Vermilion Zhou Design Group

Vermilion Zhou Design Group was founded in Shanghai, by Kuang Ming (Ray)Chou, and Vera Chu (Founder / Lighting Design Director); and Garvin Hung (Partner / Design Director) subsequently joined in. We have completed over 600 interior designprojects in China and overseas, including public areas, commercial spaces, hotels, clubhouses, offices and high-end residences, since 2002. Vermilion Zhou Design Group pursues the high quality for all interspaces. As a result, we’ve been trying our best to achieve clients’ requirements and expectation. Besides interior design, we also provide service of architecture consulting, decoration design, landscape planning and graphic design. Above all, we aim to help our client building higher brand image, and awake the public about aesthetics of life through our design.