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The Ventroom Web Design is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Website and Web Design Award Category.
The Ventroom Web Design

The Modern Dating Ventroom is a fully interactive web page designed to present common online dating dilemma through a satirical approach with the goal of gathering user feedback, opinions and anecdotes, which will be incorporated in a future book project about the complexity of millennial adult life. The web page took the user through the complete online dating journey in three simple steps: apps, profiles and messages. Users are constantly encouraged to share their opinions as they browse through the submit button that is always present in each section.

The Ventroom Web Design
Stella Guan The Ventroom
Stella Guan Web Design
Stella Guan design
Stella Guan design
Stella Guan

Stella Guan is an award-winning visual designer with experience spanning across multiple disciplines and industries. Started her career in broadcast design, Stella has been pushing the boundaries between the specialist and generalist role with her diverse experience in creating effective visual solutions for marketing agencies, advertising agencies, technology companies and global financial services firms. She is a winner of the 2017-2018 A' Design Award in Web and Web Design Category. Currently, she leads major brand initiatives for J.P. Morgan, where she directs and creates impactful visual design for interactive webpages, videos, animations and brand guidelines. She is a proud member of the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts and a judge for the A' Design Award, CSS Design Awards, Communicator Awards, W3 Award and Creativity International Awards.

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