ShaYang,KaifengZheng,YangMa,DehongZheng Mortise-tenon joint stationery Adjustable lamp,Storage box,Ink-stone
Mortise-tenon joint stationery Adjustable lamp,Storage box,Ink-stone is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Cultural Heritage and Culture Industry Design Award Category.
Mortise-tenon joint stationery Adjustable lamp,Storage box,Ink-stone

1.Controllable lamp is adopted the T-shaped legging doorpost in the tenon.When rotating the shaft at the end of the rotating light bar, the light can be adjusted dim or strong at will.2.Weiqi fun box is used straight tenon in mortise and tenon.The top composes of 25 hollow square bars, each square bar can store black and white chess, the gap between the square bars can keep the cards;the middle part of the box can be used to place the small objects;the bottom of the box is used for placing note papers.3.Ink-stone shape is used to contain a pin plate and tenon-horse,storage brush,paperweight.

Mortise-tenon joint stationery Adjustable lamp,Storage box,Ink-stone
ShaYang,KaifengZheng,YangMa,DehongZheng Mortise-tenon joint stationery
ShaYang,KaifengZheng,YangMa,DehongZheng Adjustable lamp,Storage box,Ink-stone
ShaYang,KaifengZheng,YangMa,DehongZheng design
ShaYang,KaifengZheng,YangMa,DehongZheng design

Sha Yang is a passionate designer and teacher. She is active. She always follow her interests which is wood toy making and life product design in our daily life. She loves everything in our natural world.

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