Estudio Maba Manners Gin Bottle
Manners Gin Bottle is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Packaging Design Award Category.
Manners Gin Bottle

This bottle of gin evolves in the same way as the different situations throughout the day in which this spirit can be tasted. His appearance presents a dual personality, so that from day to night he shows us his most hidden side. The whole brand, imbued with the London origins of its recipe and inspired by the popular elements of British culture, projects an image midway between the two extremes of strict formality and rebellion against all established order. And that conflict in British society is epitomised in a label that changes to reveal its wildest face when night falls.

Manners Gin Bottle
Estudio Maba Manners
Estudio Maba Gin Bottle
Estudio Maba design
Estudio Maba design
DestilerĂ­as Bernal

Founded in 1889 by Mr. Juan Bernal González in the year 1889, this distillery has had as main objective the realization of exclusive and high quality products. From its origins, Bernal is dedicated to the elaboration of liqueurs, oils and other products of the food industry. The distinction of their Brandy, a premium work of our liquors, has offered to advance over the years towards higher quality products, adapting to the demand of the public and establishing new product variants.