Fabrizio Constanza Interstellar table Entrance Table
Interstellar table Entrance Table is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Furniture Design Award Category.
Interstellar table Entrance Table

Interstellar is a unique entrance table, developed for hospitality and residential applications. The contemporary design is the result of a subtle asymmetric distribution and an elegant classic metal assembly. Inspired on the phrase Things are not always what they seem, the table invites the spectator to understand by meanings of observation.

Interstellar table  Entrance Table
Fabrizio Constanza Interstellar table
Fabrizio Constanza Entrance Table
Fabrizio Constanza design
Fabrizio Constanza design
Fabrizio Constanza

Fabrizio Constanza is one of today’s most influential artist and designer from Guatemala. Over the last 25 years, he has consistently challenged the traditional boundaries between visual and functional Art. He has established as the most awarded and recognized studio furniture designer in the region. His body of work includes Conceptual Art and Functional Art. His inspiration comes from the emotions generated by existence: The passage of time, reflections of the world, past nostalgia and future signs. Fabrizio captures and materializes emotions in Art and Design. Fabrizio’s design process has been applied in projects, which go from architecture and interior design to consulting in commercial and private projects. His work has been published in Art Market Magazine, DM Design Magazine, Design Milk, Design You Trust, Yahoo News Business, San Francisco Gate,, ID Magazine and Architecture and Design Colorado, to mention a few.

Fabrizio Constanza Design

Fabrizio Constanza is an observer of life. His inspiration comes from emotions generated by existence. By watching life passing by, from reflections of the world, past nostalgia and future cues, Fabrizio captures and materialize emotions into objects. A clear example is 0710 Oxbow, based on the 2013 Baltimore derby winner. Objects become transmitters of emotions. A table that elegantly represents the human body named Organica, or a coat stand with slick curves for the corporate world, simply known as Lande, are exquisite examples.