Joel Derksen Poetic Hotel Packaging
Poetic Hotel Packaging is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Packaging Design Award Category.
Poetic Hotel Packaging

Increasing the premium nature and speaking to travel as an intimate, romantic experience was key. As a well-known resort brand, we wanted to step away from corporate language into a place of surprise and experience - making these design pieces act like the diary of a traveller, experiencing hotels in locations around the world. Luxury here was also critical: print techniques factored heavily into the design development.

Poetic Hotel Packaging
Joel Derksen Poetic Hotel
Joel Derksen Packaging
Joel Derksen design
Joel Derksen design
Joel Derksen

Joel helps create compelling narratives that offer brands a glimpse into untapped opportunities, both in terms of developing new offerings and strategies for growth, and redefining existing products. With a patient and thoughtful approach, companies in food, beverage, arts, culture and lifestyle benefit from his broad-reaching experience.

Joel Derksen

Dedicated to the right brand attitude, the right strategy, and the right moment. I work with agencies and companies to find their space and own it with conviction, courage and thought. With a focus on arts, culture, food & beverage, my focus is on bringing the unique perspective of each client forward.