Nima Bavardi Wilot Ring
Wilot Ring is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Wilot Ring

Wilot ring is inspired by Lotus flower that symbolize purity. It creates a curios perception by the fluid form. The ring is available in both gold and silver. Movements between creates an amazing dance between wires with a great harmony. The sinuosity of the forms and the ergonomic attributes of the ring present a nice play of light, shadows, glare and reflections. Aesthetic and performance is combined as well.

Wilot  Ring
Nima Bavardi Wilot
Nima Bavardi Ring
Nima Bavardi design
Nima Bavardi design
Nima Bavardi

Nima Bavardi was born in Tabriz, Iran. He started painting at a very young age. His first exhibition of caricatures and paintings was held when he was only 5 years old. He received many awards and made an achievement in his way through art. He holds a bachelor of industrial design degree from the central Tehran branch of IA University. Later in 2015, he went on to complete his master’s degree in industrial design. He has a passion for designing products that people use in daily life and has recorded up to 57 international design awards throughout his professional career up to now. He is a university lecturer and a jury member of A’DESIGN AWARD in Italy since 2017, INDUSTART AWARDS (Ukraine), Dordaaneh (Iran), ILDA (Iran), EDISON AWARDS (USA), The Stevies International Business Awards (USA), The SIT Furniture Award (Switzerland), and LIT Awards in the USA. In addition, he is a full member of IAD, IBSP, ICCI, IDC AIBA, and TCA.

Nima Bavardi Design

Nima Bavardi is freelancer designer. His primary focus is on products that people use them in daily life. He detect problems and find solution by designing a product and service and he mainly use sustainable materials besides of considering innovation, aesthetic and functional aspects of his designs.