Stepan Solodkov Paybe ICO company
Paybe ICO company is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Paybe ICO company

The challenge is to convey a very complex technically complex principle and make it understandable to customers. A conscious step was taken away from numerous similar companies, using in their communications technological images that are difficult to perceive. We wanted to show a technology company, but with a human face, reliable, modern, but understandable. A unique typographic solution for the logo was made, in which it is visually still in the process of assembly. Also, a system of official graphics was developed, which is also based on the collection of parts into a single whole.

Paybe ICO company
Stepan Solodkov Paybe
Stepan Solodkov ICO company
Stepan Solodkov design
Stepan Solodkov design

Paybe integrates three different functions into one beautiful and user friendly interface – traditional banking functionality, crypto functionality and depository to hold Your private keys in a secure manner. Paybe integrates traditional banking with crypto banking and is the first company to provide such services. At all times our clients control their finances, not us. Private keys are owned by clients.