Mateusz Slowakiewicz Pyeniny Audio Guide
Pyeniny Audio Guide is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Award Category.
Pyeniny Audio Guide

Pyeniny is a mobile app audio guide to Pieniny – one of the most picturesque mountain ranges in Central Europe. The fascinating stories, legends, beliefs and myths were enclosed in 25 tales told by the mysterious mountain spirit. To provide a unique experience, the app takes advantage of GPS technology which allows to lead tourists along the routes and play particular recordings precisely in places they describe. The heart of the project is the hand-drawn map which guides the travellers. The app does not use other media to do not distract the users from the natural wonders around them.

Pyeniny Audio Guide
Mateusz Slowakiewicz Pyeniny
Mateusz Slowakiewicz Audio Guide
Mateusz Slowakiewicz design
Mateusz Slowakiewicz design
Mateusz Slowakiewicz

Mountains in his heart, forest in his mind. He designs, takes photographs, glues tunes, does magic. A music lover and a connoisseur of small musical instruments: jew's-harps, karimbas and ocarinas. Likes people and long conversations. Reads comic books. Loves animation and good movies. Ethnology, mythology, folk, entomology are the key words and very broad subjects for him to discuss. He's fascinated by the Internet culture, games. An Internet surfing addict. In his free time, he swims, treks in the mountains and cooks. If he wasn't a designer, he would be a traveler or a zoologist.


Potvory are a collaboration between two Polish designers Mateusz Słowakiewicz and Paweł Ratajczyk. Their interests and projects focus on modern, dynamic forms of multimedia communication: web-docs, mobile applications, responsive websites and cross-media projects. In their work, they combine design, photography, animation, film, music, storytelling and typography. Potvory are located in Czechia and operating globally.