Cristian Branea Ostinato Dining Table
Ostinato Dining Table is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Furniture Design Award Category.
Ostinato Dining Table

Ostinato is a design object that explore rhythm and repetition as means to transform materials. The piece materializes the concept of ostinato - a motif that persistently repeats in the same musical voice, frequently at the same pitch. In music and in this piece, the base/basso ostinato constructed as a repetitive pattern is the pillar that supports and emphasizes the musical harmonies that are developing on top. A linear, rigorous and repetitive pattern is carved in, over-imposed to the natural fiber of solid wood to create an enhanced sense of materiality.

Ostinato Dining Table
Cristian Branea Ostinato
Cristian Branea Dining Table
Cristian Branea design
Cristian Branea design
Cristian Branea

Cristian Branea, originally from Transylvania, is living and working in Bucharest, Romania. With a background in contemporary philosophy, cultural studies, and a PhD in political ecology, Cristian is a self-taught designer. In 2014 he founded MATERIA, a furniture brand, design studio and furniture manufacturing company. Just a couple of years later, Materia was represented internationally in various high-end retailers in Europe, North America and Middle East. In 2017, Materia was recognized as the best design furniture brand by Forbes Magazine Romania.

Materia Studio

MATERIA's philosophy is non-dualistic, the objects and ideas originate in the genuine condition of raw materials in which the weight of material – be it light or heavy – is part of its constituent value. The materials used can sometimes be reclaimed, sometimes raw or precious, but they always have an intense expressive power. Inspired by materials, the shapes, volumes, and lines are kept in a minimalist aesthetics with monumental, brutalist traits. The material richness is complemented by the expressive appearance of hand treated surfaces so that the final piece retains the traces of the process. MATERIA aims at bringing back and valuing the human makers in objects that are personal, expressive, and bearing the artisan fingerprints. The traditional craftsmanship is mixed with experimental procedures to transform the matter into statement pieces with unexpected textures.