He Fei Lacrimosa Eye-wear
Lacrimosa Eye-wear is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Lacrimosa Eye-wear

Lacrimosa is a pair of rosy eye-wear with pearls & golden frames. Originating from gender awareness issues, it is designed with a theoretical usage of erasing sexual discrimination and reconstructing confidence. In practical use, the center piece that combines two spectacles can be worn on its own as a nose piece or an earring,while the rest still functions as a hand-hold facial ornament.

Lacrimosa Eye-wear
He Fei Lacrimosa
He Fei Eye-wear
He Fei design
He Fei design
He Fei

Apart from jewellery design, I'm also a stylist & make-up artist and editor. I've created a wechat subscription accoundt YP-yipin aiming at discovering and bringing out more young talents with sharp views from all over the world.


FEIHEFEIHEFEIHE is a fashion accessory brand founded by jewellery and eyewear designer Fei,who is keen on exploring various materials and techniques to realize multiple wearabilities. He believes it would be a world of androgyny had there been a Utopia, therefore all FEIHEFEIHEFEIHE accessories are suitable for all genders. FEIHEFEIHEFEIHE values the joy and changes accessories bring to wearers,physically and psychologically.The diverse design of function allows wearers to ornament their bodies in their own way. Each piece is exquisitely made by hand and well balanced between beauty and edginess,offering a fresh sensation to us all.