Florian Studer Sweet Life Coffee Bar
Sweet Life Coffee Bar is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Sweet Life Coffee Bar

Cafe and Bar Sweet life serves as a rest and relaxation area in the hectic shopping center. Based on the gastronomic concept of the operator, the focus is on natural materials that absorb the naturalness of products such as Fairtrade coffee, organic milk, organic sugar etc.. The overall concept of the interior design was to recreate an oasis of peace that was very different from the technical architectural concept of the mall. To absorb the theme of naturalness, materials like were used: clay plaster, real wood parquet and marble.

Sweet Life  Coffee Bar
Florian Studer Sweet Life
Florian Studer Coffee Bar
Florian Studer design
Florian Studer design
Florian Studer

The Studer Innen & Architektur office, led by Florian Studer, has become increasingly well-known in the Swiss interior design scene in recent years. The office has already received several national and international awards. Florian Studer's far-sightedness and his affinity for optimising projects in the gastronomic sector, have enabled him to increase the level of recognition and turnover of many clients.

Sweet Life

Sweet Life - Coffee and Sweets, not just a coffee house "Only one is better than a cup of good coffee: two cups of good coffee." Good coffee is a philosophy, a passion and our vocation, which is why Sweet Life serves only wild coffee, naturally and without a plantation from the last mountain rainforests of an Ethiopian province. Sweet Life offers a place where friends, family and conviviality come to life. Cozy, urban and creative: that's what Sweet Life stands for in the pulsating heart of the Mall of Switzerland. Between the hectic pace of everyday life and the bustle of the Mall of Switzerland, Sweet Life offers above all a cosy oasis for relaxation and a homely feeling with the scent of freshly baked delicacies. Sweet Life thus becomes a home away from your home. But we are not only committed to the highest quality coffee: Sweet Life focuses on quality, creativity and versatility, which is why a wide selection of fresh pastries, food and beverages await you in addition to the exquisite coffee specialities.