Ronghao Jin Mercku M2 WiFi router
Mercku M2 WiFi router is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Digital and Electronic Device Design Award Category.
Mercku M2 WiFi router

Mercku, a Canadian IoT hardware company has a new entrant in the Wi-Fi router space, with promising performance, sleek aesthetics and an entirely new internal design. The M2 Wi-Fi units are available as a standalone, covering up to 3000 square feet of space, and can also be joined together in a mesh network - both with the fastest speed and most extended range in the industry. The exterior design allows the unit to sit comfortably and blend into any home. Lastly, the patented antenna and transceiver is designed in-house by a team with decades of experience, powering the entire system.

Mercku M2 WiFi router
Ronghao Jin Mercku M2
Ronghao Jin WiFi router
Ronghao Jin design
Ronghao Jin design
Ronghao Jin

Jin Ronghao, an experienced designer with strong human-computer interaction background, is responsible for the UI design of the Hyku app, which aims to provide good user experience. With a strong passion for design, he keeps seeking improvements, while exploring the cutting edge of aesthetics, beauty and efficiency. He won the prestigious Red Dot Design award, for the best of the best design in 2013. He holds a Masters degree from Southwest Jiaotong University.

Mercku Inc.

Mercku Inc. (Mercku) was founded in Waterloo, Canada in 2017. Our primary business focuses on providing hardware wireless communication solutions direct to consumers. Mercku also develops solutions for businesses, targeted towards drone delivery, structural disaster prevention, and hardware IoT solutions. Founders are world leaders in hardware communications, with over 450 patents in the field and fathered the modern cellular antenna design - used by nearly every smartphone in the world.