Sanjyot Telang Fashion Misfits Portrait Photography
Fashion Misfits Portrait Photography is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award Category.
Fashion Misfits Portrait Photography

This is a portrait series of girls with Down Syndrome to redefine beauty standards and open up a platform to encourage unconventional aesthetics. Disabled people have been an ignored part of our society and there is a need to explore the versatile interpretations of beauty and be more accepting.With this project, the artist wants to create a space in the fashion and advertising industry, ultimately to open channels catering to everyone, so that they can fashionably express themselves and be role models.

Fashion Misfits Portrait Photography
Sanjyot Telang Fashion Misfits
Sanjyot Telang Portrait Photography
Sanjyot Telang design
Sanjyot Telang design
Sanjyot Telang

Sanjyot Telang is an Indian born photographer specialising in fine art portraits and fashion stories. Following a stint in advertising, she began photography by shooting weddings and commercial assignments in India and later moved to Paris to complete a Masters in Photography. Cinema remains her principle inspiration but daily interactions, personal experiences and complex emotions play an important role in her melancholic style. 
Her photographic work is mix of instinct, delicate moments and spontaneity of life.
Particularly interested by the impact of social conventions and aesthetics of fashion on contemporary life, she seeks the non-conformist outlook towards her non conventional subjects.
She lives in Paris and works as a freelance photographer between France and India since 2013 spinning stories and bridging the gap between fashion and journalism with her melancholic approach. Her work has been published by Kaltblut, Lonewolf, Tantalum, HUF and OOB magazines and exhibited in France, Belgium and India. Recently she was interviewed by BBC WORLD TV for her series “Many Queens” on transgenders in India.

Sanjyot Telang Photography

I work as a freelance portrait photography under my brand name called Sanjyot Telang Photography started in 2012. I currently live in Paris and work between India and France.