Baran Demirok XTreat Lounge Chair
XTreat Lounge Chair is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Category.
XTreat Lounge Chair

Xtreat is a comfortable and elegant furniture, combining the flow of the wind that carves a canyon with the mathematicality of a spider's web, using noble materials crafted with artistic style. The simple elegance in this combination of natural forms and mathematics pave the way for an eye-pleasing furniture.

XTreat Lounge Chair
Baran Demirok XTreat
Baran Demirok Lounge Chair
Baran Demirok design
Baran Demirok design
Baran Demirok

XOX design is a company in search of what could be done different.The ultimate goal is putting all the variables in a pot and brewing them into a crystal, unique solution. XOX believes that human design will complete its mission when it can no more be seperated from nature. Every touch should be where it's needed, when its needed and how its needed. When accomplished, good design will commonly be felt NATURALLY good. The motive of XOX design is to wield art forms into everyday usage through perfect materials and master craftsmanship .

XOX Concept

XOX Concept was established in Izmir Turkey, 2015. The main specialization of the firm is design. There are many branches of design the firm is involved; Urban and Landscaping, Architecture, Interior design, and industrial design. Xox has won national and international awards in most of these fields. The firm has a wide range of clients, of which are mostly corporate clients. The firm aims to widen its client list and achievements in all over the world. Baran Demirok , the founder and head designer of the company, is behind most of the designs. The motive of the company is understanding philosophy in the origin of the nature and applying to all the designs of mankind, so that mankind becomes one with nature once again.