wanggang Wei Personal Tea Tray
Wei Personal Tea Tray is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Category.
Wei Personal Tea Tray

As a way of life in China, drinking tea has a long history already. For the trend of many young people's getting used to drinking tea nowadays, team of Wushi is trying to present a minimalist and personal style of tea tray design. The shape is gradually changed on a plane, which increases the layer sense of the minimalist modeling and satisfies the natural elimination of the tea under the tea-making scene. The machining accuracy of the 3mm edge is guaranteed by the use of CNC, which can realize the original design principle.

Wei Personal Tea Tray
wanggang Wei
wanggang Personal Tea Tray
wanggang design
wanggang design

Employing stones as the basic material, wushi inherit and innovate traditional stone handicraft, and utilize modern design language and interactive technology, endeavoring to make a cross-boundary collision between traditional stone carving artists and the new generation of product designers, with a focus on the excavation and presentation of the feelings of stone to express man’s aloof and splendid return to conscience. Wushi boasts an operating model featuring an integration of design, production, marketing, and sales which can ensure the purity of brand and product quality. We have two product series, i.e., Peace at Leisure and Zen at Leisure, ranging from flower holders, tea ware, incense holders, household goods, to collections. We constantly interact with consumers through experience stores, the Internet, and mobile terminals, and aim to interpret the oriental philosophy and convey the feelings of human for lifeless objects via modern stone products.