Mostafa Tohidifar Xbike2043 Jetbike
Xbike2043 Jetbike is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Futuristic Design Award Category.
Xbike2043 Jetbike

XBIKE is a transformable passenger drone-motorbike, designed to provide flexible mobility in future urban spaces. Vehicles in the future cities are less land-depended and XBIKE is a solution for this challenge. Two technologies combined to achieve lightweight and flexibility. Hubless wheels are lighter than traditional wheels and provide a free space in center of wheel. This free space used for improving airflow efficiency. Thanks to the technology of bladeless fans, airflow multiplies and it is 4 times more efficient. So the form of XBIKE based on soft lines and aerodynamic gestalt.

Xbike2043 Jetbike
Mostafa Tohidifar Xbike2043
Mostafa Tohidifar Jetbike
Mostafa Tohidifar design
Mostafa Tohidifar design
Mostafa Tohidifar

I'm a senior industrial designer and got a PhD degree in the field of philosophy of art. I'ma design researcher in the field of philosophy of design. In practice, I own my company from 2012 by the name of and teaching as an industrial design lecturer in Iranian universities at Tehran. As a freelance designer I got many IDIRAN Award (No1 national Iranian design award) in product and concept design categories. I also worked and studied in the field of interior design for 6 years and I got my interior design degree from Domus Academy, Italy. I think design is a unity-oriented activity and I published many papers in regard of this issue. is a design and production company especially focused on product design, interaction design and service design. Our mission is to demonstrate the value of design. As a design consultancy Vala.Studio provides services for Industrial Design firms, SEOs and high-volume manufacturers. Services are included but not limited to Rapid Prototyping, CAD/CAM, engineering consultancies, market/user researches (specialized for UX/UI projects), IoT Solutions and Interior Design consultancies. design philosophy in our company is to develop products and services under the Unity-Oriented Design approach. "Vala" in Persian means prestigious.