Alexander Chin The Apothecary Playing Cards
The Apothecary Playing Cards is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Packaging Design Award Category.
The Apothecary Playing Cards

In a market going increasingly digital this project explores the opposite, by transforming invisible concepts and ideas into tangible product. The Apothecary is a handcrafted set of cards focused on creating unique experiences between people and product through interactive design to reflect the curiosity and wonder of the unknown. Intaglio engraved sleeves, sculpted embossing, and touch responsive packaging culminate to craft a truly memorable user experience that is sure to leave a lasting brand impression.

The Apothecary Playing Cards
Alexander Chin The Apothecary
Alexander Chin Playing Cards
Alexander Chin design
Alexander Chin design
Alexander Chin

Throughout his career, Alex Chin has been established as a visual communications professional specializing in interactive package design and has earned a name as one of the industry leaders within the world of luxury playing card design. Having a passion for the intersection of strategy and design, Alex strives to develop long term solutions for clients through a lens of shareable innovations. By emphasizing communication with a feedback-based design process, Alex works as a strategic partner with companies and clients to reach their goals with the end user in mind. SHUNG SHUNG is a one-man design studio by Alex that showcases the designer's ability across multiple disciplines and markets.

Seasons Playing Cards, LTD

Seasons Playing Cards is focused on creating highly collectible playing card experiences with a strength in package design. They are an industry leader in collectible playing cards and continue to push boundaries by redefining the definitions of what playing cards are.