Fabio Rezzonico Clio S21 Coffee machine
Clio S21 Coffee machine is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Home Appliances Design Award Category.
Clio S21 Coffee machine

Clio S21 coffee machine is inspired by soft and delicate shapes, in order to give feelings of warmth and home comfort; it keeps the high ergonomics of more complex models, thus maintaining an elegant and captivating line.Despite having curved and soft shapes, the S21 coffee machine still takes up the minimum space possible. Ergonomics and user interaction are taken into high consideration. It simplifies home-made coffee preparation, while adjusting a number of functions to achieve optimal results with five modes of action: espresso, coffee, cream, tea, and infusion.

Clio S21 Coffee machine
Fabio Rezzonico Clio S21
Fabio Rezzonico Coffee machine
Fabio Rezzonico design
Fabio Rezzonico design
Fabio Rezzonico

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Caffitaly has chosen to devote itself to a unique research process in the coffee sector: select the best of technology, applying it to get the best out of coffee. From this intuition was born the Caffitaly System, a combined machine-capsule system covered by international patents. So you can enjoy your favorite coffee, with the certainty of always having the quality you want.