Mato Daniel Space Pendant Lamp
Space Pendant Lamp is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
Space Pendant Lamp

The designer of this pendant was inspired by the elliptic and parabolic orbits of asteroids. The unique shape of the lamp is defined by the anodized aluminium poles that are precisely arranged in a 3D printed ring, creating the perfect balance. The white glass shade in the middle harmonizes with the poles and adds to its sophisticated appearance. Some say the lamp resembles an angel, others think it looks like a graceful bird.

Space Pendant Lamp
Mato Daniel Space
Mato Daniel Pendant Lamp
Mato Daniel design
Mato Daniel design
Mato Daniel

Loomiosa is a newly founded company in the field of lighting design. Their main goal is to create stylish and unique pendants that are easily recognisable and clearly distinguished from from their competitors. Bringing together art and science, Loomiosa's creations have a special charm, character and elegance, making them stand out and be a prominent feature in any environment. Using high quality materials and sleek design, their modern lighting solutions can make the difference between ordinary and spectacular.

Loomiosa Ltd.

Loomiosa is a new brand on the market of interior lighting. With its distinctive, organic but still clear design, it offers an alternative to give a truly unique atmosphere to any interior. The brand concededly intended to create spectacular products that catch the eye immediately thanks to their individual design along with the alluring quality materials applied. Loomiosa will be introduced to the market for customers by April 2018.