Chien Hao Tseng Flexibility Residence
Flexibility Residence is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Flexibility Residence

This design aimed to challenge the need for “flexible” by providing an expandable option for inner city living in the 125 m2 apartment. The open-plan space of this one-big-room apartment was divided into two areas to separate private and communal area with a sliding partition. This project was designed a series of glass and steel partitions that play a key part in subdividing areas, providing additional functions, offering privacy, and creating visual separation that also reflect the surrounding materials, creating a sense of disorientation by reflection and perspective.

Flexibility Residence
Chien Hao Tseng Flexibility
Chien Hao Tseng Residence
Chien Hao Tseng design
Chien Hao Tseng design
Chien Hao Tseng

Honesty and simplicity are the values I appreciate the most. However, I understand that simplicity at its best requires perfection. Therefore, when designing, I put special emphasis on the role of detail and carefully selected materials. I believe in the power of the most natural materials, such as stone, concrete, wood and glass. Their unique character defines the whole space that defies stereotypes as well as destructive aging processes.

PartiDesign Studio

Partidesign Studio is an architecture and interior design studio directed by designer Tzuyu Liu and designer / architect Chienhao Tseng. Based in Taipei, our team provides our clients with extensive experience, design capabilities and strives to create beautiful, detailed and practical architecture, interior design, installations and objects which transform, engage and inspire.