Abel Gómez Morón Santos Luckia Arica Casino
Luckia Arica Casino is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Luckia Arica Casino

The most important part of the design of the Luckia Casino Arica is that it creates an experience to entertain every person that walks in, into pursuing constant movement and change, because of a construction which can be appreciated from any side, being the ceiling the soul of it since it is vivid from every angle; while at the same time expressing the magnitude and size of the project, which transcends the physicality of it and becomes emotional, going beyond the medium of architecture and chromatic compositions.

Luckia Arica Casino
Abel Gómez Morón Santos Luckia Arica
Abel Gómez Morón Santos Casino
Abel Gómez Morón Santos design
Abel Gómez Morón Santos design
Abel Gómez Morón Santos

Born in Lima, Perú. Abel Gómez-Morón started his professional career by making high-tech scale models of satellites, aeroplanes, nuclear plants and more. He later founded Chiru Enterprises in California, designing and manufacturing interior decoration elements, particularly chandeliers, lamps, bronze rails, glass domes, sculptures and other integral design components. He acquired a reputation for his massive statue-fountains, immensely popular with hotels being built at the time. This opened the door to the fantastic world of hotels and Casinos, where he started off by remodeling the Golden Nugget Casino in 1983. 30 years traveling designing for leading sector firms Peruvian architect Abel Gómez-Morón Santos. “Willy,” as he is known in the gaming world, is one of the world’s leading architects and arguably the best in the specialized field of gaming environment design. Most of his clients agree that he is an outstanding person and that his commitment to excellence is unwavering. Today, concerned about the social and environmental issues the world is facing, Abel has committed to use all his skills and experience to make a sustainable social impact with his “Plastidobe” idea.

Gg International Casino Design

GG INTERNATIONAL CASINO DESIGN is the company led by architect Abel Gómez-Morón Santos. Their works include casinos, hotels, restaurants and interior decoration in countries such as Egypt, Argetina, Austria, Perú, Spain, Albania, Germany, Armenia, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, France, México, Panamá, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, San Marino, Swiss, Ukraine and more.