Andrejs Nadezdinskis Gold and Spiderweb Art
Gold and Spiderweb Art is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Category.
Gold and Spiderweb Art

Spider web and its natural aesthetics always has attracted attention. Unfortunately its beauty does not last for long. The goal was to save this glory forever and to show it in the most unusual way, creating and art object which does not copy and does not resemble anything made by mankind before. To achieve this goal, Andrejs Nadezdinskis faced many difficulties: how to transport it, store it and later cover with 24k gold.

Gold and Spiderweb Art
Andrejs Nadezdinskis Gold and Spiderweb
Andrejs Nadezdinskis Art
Andrejs Nadezdinskis design
Andrejs Nadezdinskis design
Andrejs Nadezdinskis

Andrejs Nadezdinskis prefers to find his own path in life and is not scared to experiment or find new technologies. His daily job is being a technical director, but his heart strives also for art and nature - Mr Nadezdinskis likes to travel and find his inspiration during his travels. This year his first art exhibition took place in Riga, artwork gallery MUSEUM LV. It was one of the greatest moments to see his works exposed for larger audience for their appreciation. His greatest hobby is to collect lighters of different kind and age.

Andrejs Nadezdinskis

Andrejs Nadezdinskis is always looking for innovations and new technologies. He works as a technical director, but his hobbies are traveling, history and art. Unicus Ubertus is the name of his company which he created to make this artwork, it was his own idea, design and creation.