Cheng-Yu Yang House of light Residence
House of light Residence is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
House of light Residence

Located at the beautiful Yilan, the villa “House of light” is big, luxurious and harmoniously coexisting with natural environment. Given the moist and rainy weather in Yilan, the firmed-texture of rosewoods are widely decorated in the house, e.g. front gate grilles, doors on the exterior and interior, large tables, staircases. The floors adorned with wood-grain bricks are elegant and convenient for maintenance.

House of light Residence
Cheng-Yu Yang House of light
Cheng-Yu Yang Residence
Cheng-Yu Yang design
Cheng-Yu Yang design
Cheng-Yu Yang

After years working diligently as an interior designer, I truly hoped that the interior design become a pure platform of aesthetics. Therefore, I found the Mupeng Design Co., Ltd in summer 2015. When creating my own brand, I pondered imaginatively the proper space aesthetics. Meanwhile, I guaranteed the construction quality, and excellently made the space become the medium for sharing aesthetics.


Founded in the summer 2015, Mupeng Design consolidates the business of design and technique consultant. Our business includes the building exterior, temporary building, interior design, landscape, etc. We believe that the designers do not define the design skills and concepts. However, the customized design plans taking into consideration the clients' preferences, bases and environment are suitable. We do not pursue the specific style, and we advocate that the style does not define space. The people living in the space are the soul that matters.