Kingson Leung Roaringwild - Uniwalk Retail Store
Roaringwild - Uniwalk Retail Store is Platinum Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Roaringwild - Uniwalk Retail Store

Roaringwild is a local clothing brand of urban-street-style in Shenzhen. It takes an attitude of "ROAR" to form its own values which can lead us to be positive and have deep affection for life. In order to convey the local street culture, create lifestyle and attitudes belonging to this generation, the brand uses the clothing as a carrier. Basing the concept of the brand "No Reason No Excuse", the design try to break the boring display and the tedious shopping process. So we are dedicated to break the rules and the inherent thinking through the illusion of artistic modeling "R".

Roaringwild - Uniwalk Retail Store
Kingson Leung Roaringwild - Uniwalk
Kingson Leung Retail Store
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Kingson Leung design

ROARINGWILD is an original brand hatched in local Shenzhen at May 4th, 2010. At the starting point, ”Roar” is the attitude our principal holds to face life.We hope the teenager can pursue ideals and dreams energetically for life, not for a living. While the NO MORE SILENCE as the brand slogan can express what we insist on attitude. ROARINGWILD is the vanguard of teenager more than a clothing brand, All our thought use clothing as a vector to express, and constantly enrich the brand, creating a life belong to ROARINGWILD.