Köllen Design Kollen Tryk Hanger
Kollen Tryk Hanger is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Category.
Kollen Tryk Hanger

Kollen Tryk is an interactive wall hanger that allows the creation of different compositions depending on the user’s needs. The wooden-made product has a rectangular shape that contains a serial of flush circular buttons, the hangers, that the user distributes in order to his/her needs. When you press one of the buttons, it protrudes from the plane and you can use it as a hanger.

Kollen Tryk Hanger
Köllen Design Kollen Tryk
Köllen Design Hanger
Köllen Design design
Köllen Design design
Köllen Design

We are a group of four product design students and entrepreneurs from Barcelona, who have recently founded our own furniture design studio called Köllen Design. Our team combines different sensibilities and skills in various disciplines, what allows us contribute original ideas in through our projects. We define us as a youth studio with major objectives and the aim of developing new projects and innovating. Our way of design in base don simplicity and functionality, along with dynamism and care on the finishing touches. Also, it turns to the warmth of the materials and the combination of organic forms and order and regularity. About us:


The team behind Köllen Design is formed by Oriol Campillo Mestres, Núria Jané Ballarín, Adrián Soldado Cid and Paula Terra Bosch, four young entrepreneurs students of industrial product and graphic design in Eina, University School of Design and Art of Barcelona.