Pratik S Bendale Hydra Swimming Resistance Trainer
Hydra Swimming Resistance Trainer is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Sporting Goods, Fitness and Recreation Equipment Design Award Category.
Hydra Swimming Resistance Trainer

HYDRA is a modern full body resistance training machine for swimmers. A first of its kind machine designed specifically for competitive swimmers who need swimming specific muscle building.It is inspired by a rowing motion of paddles moving against water which was replicated through a turbine and a water chamber to provide resistance The swimmer swims pulls the belt which is tied to their waist and turning the turbine against the water giving full body resistance. Thus providing a state of the art training experience.

Hydra Swimming Resistance Trainer
Pratik S Bendale Hydra
Pratik S Bendale Swimming Resistance Trainer
Pratik S Bendale design
Pratik S Bendale design
Pratik Bendale

Pratik is a Indian creative with a multi disciplinary background in Industrial design and mechanical engineering. He followed his calling to be an industrial designer to achieve his lifelong goal of becoming an innovator. He is driven with a goal of solving meaningful and real world problems hence often undertakes projects which are his own observed problems. The Hydra resistance trainer product came from such a self observed problem when he was working as a Lifeguard at his university swimming pool. Understanding the problem from a swimmers point of view and from a maintenance point of view was a critical part of his design process.