Gerardo Broissin / Broissin Architects USG Booth Exhibition Stand
USG Booth Exhibition Stand is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
USG Booth Exhibition Stand

This project is part of an 8 years consecutive commission to design for USG Mexico at Expo Cihac their booth, from the perspective of the designer it is challenging to face the same space every year, in any way the design team decided to continuing the design principles as in the past exercises. Consequently they showed a stand with an appearance that challenges any gravitational logic with just one object suspended in the middle of the space. The stand complies with the client's discourse on an innovative light construction system.

USG Booth Exhibition Stand
Gerardo Broissin / Broissin Architects USG Booth
Gerardo Broissin / Broissin Architects Exhibition Stand
Gerardo Broissin / Broissin Architects design
Gerardo Broissin / Broissin Architects design
Gerardo Broissin / Broissin Architects

Committed professionals with society and its development, supported by 12 years working experience on the field of architecture, BROISSINarchitects was founded by Mexican architect Gerardo Broissin who is characterized for the development and contribution of innovative proposals in the solution of every project. The firm works to improve and to integrate diverse areas to their design process. Their work comprises an extensive range of forms, textures and ideologies. BROISSINarchitects is based on design groups lead by partners; Rodrigo Jimenez, Mauricio Cristobal, David Suarez, Alejandro Rocha, Alfonso Vargas, and Jose Luis Garcia.

USG Mexico.

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