Laurel Tincher Dwimmer Nzinga Tie Neckwear for any gender
Dwimmer Nzinga Tie Neckwear for any gender is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Category.
Dwimmer Nzinga Tie Neckwear for any gender

Dwimmer has redefined neckwear for today. The Nzinga Tie features a patent pending method of tying which is easier than a traditional tie and adds a modern metal element. Dwimmer is collaborating with the Planet Bee Foundation on this tie, with each tie sold they donate to help increase awareness and habitats for bees. The tie is suited for any gender and is always the correct length. The Nzinga Bee fabric was specially designed by a textile designer in France. Each tie is handcrafted by a small team in California. The tie also features a unique QR code which grants the wearer special access.

Dwimmer Nzinga Tie  Neckwear for any gender
Laurel Tincher Dwimmer Nzinga Tie
Laurel Tincher Neckwear for any gender
Laurel Tincher design
Laurel Tincher design
Laurel Tincher

My mission is to combine ancient wisdom and craft with modern technology and futurist thinking. I always think ten steps ahead, without leaving the past behind. While still an undergrad at USC film school, I launched one of the first gourmet food trucks in Los Angeles and an event production company which helped to catalyze the electronic music and festival movement. As the creative force behind the full-sensory lifestyle brand Dwimmer, I have pioneered a new experiential retail platform. My fashion brand combines traditional luxury craftsmanship with IoT, augmented reality and cinematic immersion. I recently released a mobile app, Aether, which reached a top downloaded list within a week. Over the last decade, my unique synergy of art, nature and technology has made me an in-demand producer for ventures in California. My most recent endeavor is in creating floating city seasteads with Blue Frontiers, where I am the Head of Marketing and a consultant in biomimicry and sustainable design.


Dwimmer is a full-sensory fashion brand based in California. They are a father-daughter design team, and since 2014 they have been creating unique products, experiences and spaces combining ancient wisdom and craftsmanship with modern technology. Dwimmer designs have been featured in British GQ, Sublime Magazine, Off Broadway performances and more. The olde English word Dwimmer means 'having many guises' and 'magical and mysterious.'