Süha SÜZEN Nest Chess Set
Nest Chess Set is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design Award Category.
Nest Chess Set

Nest is a set of chess, which togetherness and peace are taken as a concept. Designed as a meaningful gift, Nest can be used as an exhibition object with its sculptural image. Nest is an easy carrying and small chess set. It takes up little space because the Chess pieces are nested and the chessboard keeps in these pieces. The designer abstracts the chess pieces in a simple yet impressive way.

Nest Chess Set
Süha SÜZEN Nest
Süha SÜZEN Chess Set
Süha SÜZEN design
Süha SÜZEN design

SÜHA SÜZEN was born in Eskişehir. He graduated from METU department of Industrial Product Designer in 2008. He worked in Burotime as Design and Product Development Responsable between 2009-2011. He began his academic career in Selcuk University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Industrial Design Department in 2011. Actually he teaches Industrial Design Projects, Ergonomics and Technical Skills at the same university. Also he take interest in agriculture and sustainability.