Bulent Unal SITy Bench
SITy Bench is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Street Furniture Design Award Category.
SITy Bench

SITy bench is designed as an alternative view to the use of traditional concrete as color, form and texture. SITy bench consists of a body, seating units and a 3D map. All parts will be made of concrete. By bringing a new look to the concrete seating units used in simple geometric forms and making a new design using colour, form and texture differences brings creativity to the foreground in this design. The map shows the bank's location and expects the user to understand it. During the usage period, the map will be subject to graphical and visual interventions of the users and will change.

SITy Bench
Bulent Unal SITy
Bulent Unal Bench
Bulent Unal design
Bulent Unal design
Bülent ÜNAL

Bülent Ünal is a graduate of Middle East Technical University, where he received a BA in Industrial Design in between 1989-1993. After his military service, he launched his career in Ankara as a co-founder, general manager and art director of a company specialized in the field of design and advertising in between 1996-2011. In 2011, his expertise on 3D architectural visualization allowed him to include projects in one of the international company ECOU located in Libya for 5 months. In 2013, he received his master degree in the department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design at Atılım University. After his graduation, he started to the Architecture PhD program of the same University and he has been studied on architectural design. He is an instructor in the Department of Industrial Design, Faculty of Fine Arts Design and Architecture at Atılım University since 2013. He is married and a father of one.