Ziyu Zhuang Tongling Recluse Historic Building Renovation
Tongling Recluse Historic Building Renovation is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Tongling Recluse Historic Building Renovation

The architects divided the damaged walls into two parts. The middle part became the indoor courtyard, where occupants could watch the stars and observe the rain falling. The eaves extended into two different roof lines, which are parallel to the mountains. With introducing the residual trees in the field and the ancient village, Tongling Recluse possesses a beautiful landscape.

Tongling Recluse Historic Building Renovation
Ziyu Zhuang Tongling Recluse
Ziyu Zhuang Historic Building Renovation
Ziyu Zhuang design
Ziyu Zhuang design
Ziyu Zhuang

Partner and chief architect of RSAA GmBH office. Learning after Bernard Tschumi and Kenneth Frampton, Ziyu Zhuang has been granted the Master of Architecture and Urban design in Columbia University, USA. The major works including WTC Winter Garden, 15 Penn Plaza, Nanjing Five Seasons Jinling Hotel, Courtyard No.7 at The Drum Tower, Tongling Recluse, the design of Jining Cultural Center (cooperated with SANNA, Mario Botta and Tianjing Urban Planning & Design Institute), reconstruction of Beijing LiuBaiBen Commercial Center, the new campus of Tianjing No.4 High School, and Beijing Sanlitun MISSA Lounge& Restaurant, etc. Jining Cultural Center was awarded the BIM Award of China Engineering & Consulting Association in 2016, Zhangjiagang Church was awarded Architizer A+ Award in New York City in 2017. Ziyu Zhuang won the Design and Art Achievement Award, one of the top prizes of China Building Decoration Association in 2017. In the same year, Tongling Recluse was presented in "Dream House" and became the first architectural project whose design and construction process being watched by millions of people in architectural history, meanwhile, it was one of Archdaily’s Top 10 annual Architecture projects. What’s more, it won Reddot award, IDEAT Future Award, Gold A’ Design Award, Iconic Award 2018: Innovative Architecture-Best of Best, DFA Design for Asia Awards-Gold Award and German Design Award-Special Mention in 2018.

RSAA/ Büro Ziyu Zhuang

RSAA/ Büro Ziyu Zhuang was founded in 2010, in which Ziyu Zhuang works as the chief architect together with two directors Na Li and Zhengdong Qi, as well as around 20 architects from Europe, North America and China. Meanwhile, Ziyu Zhuang is a partner of the German RSAA design group which was founded in 1965, operating in Cologne and owning around 80 architects. Based in Beijing, Büro Ziyu Zhuang aims to use the connections from Germany and China to establish a new design vocabulary making use of the resources of both to create a new element of thought, a fusion of European and Chinese architecture. This will create a new and unique style which takes advantage of the two-way system, bringing Chinese influences to Europe, crafting a new line of thought that surpasses the constraints of each individual culture, and viceversa. Accordingly, RSAA has been widely recognized in the design of eco-city and sustainable architecture in recent years. Combined with the regional features and the contemporaneity of China, a series of works with contemporary spirit and traditional context have been accomplished. For instance, Tongling Recluse, Courtyard No.7 at The Drum Tower, Beijing Liubaiben Commercial Center Renovation, Five Seasons Jinling Hotel in Nanjing, Sino-Singapore Eco City, Tianjin Culture Center Urban Design, Jining Culture Center Urban Design and No.4 Middle School in Tianjin.